Hunt The HAckers - Classroom Training

SOC Analyst Incident REsponse Training

Training Features

  • 16 Hours In-Person Classroom Training in Delhi, India

  • A Hardcover Book: Hunt The Hackers -A Complete SOC Analyst Guide (30 Realworld Cyber Attacks and Remediation by SOC Analyst)

  • Access to SOC Analyst Online Course

  • Access to SIEM Admin Incident Handling Online Course

  • SIEM LAB Access

  • Interview Preparation & Exam

Training Hot Topics

  • Networking, Windows Administration & Linux Fundamentals

  • Cyber Security attacks & Remediation

  • Penetration Testing and Detection

  • Network Packets Header Analysis with Wireshark

  • Log Analysis and Attacks Remediation

  • Incident Response & Threat Hunting

  • Attacks Analysis and Investigation on SIEM

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