What a SOC Analyst Does in His/Her Job?

A SOC Analyst is a person responsible for monitoring and investigation of cyber attacks on company infrastructure and identifies the insider and outsider threat to protect the company resources/information in 24*7 support.

The SOC Analyst works in the Security Operation Center team for a centralized monitor of cyberattacks with the help of the SIEM tool.

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What is the DIFFERENCE between Jobs of an Ethical Hacker & A SOC ANALYST?

Companies hire professionals in different teams. The Job role of an ethical hacker is also called a Penetration Tester, who responsible for exploiting the weakness in the designation/software and report to the company before an evil hacker takes advantage of.

However, SOC Analyst is responsible for continuous monitoring threats or cyber-attacks and detects pre-compromise, and post-compromise activity in the network, finds active hackers, and secures the companies network.

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